Quibi release of the first installment of the three titles to watch for free on YouTube


The streaming service focused on the mobile devices, Quibi, you are providing content free of charge, for viewing outside of the app. The platform has already released the first episode of the three series are on YouTube, including “The Phantom,” starring Anna Kendrick – “The Most Dangerous Game,” with Liam Hemsworth and “The Stranger”.

“The Most Dangerous Game”, the series is said to be the most predictive of Quibi, is based on the short story by Richard Connell, and starring by Liam Hemsworth. The production sees Christoph Waltz as a billionaire’s boy who joins a man that is desperate, Dodge, Maynard (Hemsworth), in order to enter into a deadly game of survival, see below:

In the series, desperate to take care of his pregnant wife, before a terminal illness can take away your life, Dodge, Maynard (Hemsworth) accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game, where he would soon find out that it is not the hunter but rather the hunted. “The action-thriller that explores the limits of how far someone would go to fight for your life and your family, so let the games begin” promises the blurb.

In “The Stranger”, which has been a pilot for nine minutes, which is the united states on a tour of what has gone wrong, starring Maika Monroe, like Canada, is a driver who, without knowing it, you pick up a murderer in your car, and you have to fight for their survival – as shown below:

The series follows a young pilot, without which it is thrown into his worst nightmare, when a “mysterious passenger, the Hollywood Hills, gets into his car, then it goes into a “game of spine-tingling cat-and-mouse.

In the premiere episode of the so-called “Dummy”, it features Anna Kendrick as His, with a girl finding out that her older boyfriend got an exciting new sex, but he ends up talking to a girl of Intelligence, and goes on an adventure, see below:

“Dummy” is created and written by Cody Heller and is inspired by her relationship with Dan Harmon, the co-creator of “Rick and Morty”, and “the Community”. “I found myself thinking of her often. As Dan sees it as a ‘thing’ and an object, but I see it as a person. I’ve found myself applying a personality to it,” said Heller in an interview with website the Daily Beast.

Kendrick and the west wing is still working as a producer, on the side of the Ally Beock. Adonal Log in, and Meredith Hagner is also part of the cast of the series.

Quibi, an abbreviation of “snacks” in English, it is a streaming service that focuses specifically for mobile devices. It was released on the 6th of April 2020, and it offers the content in a chapter for about 10 minutes or less, designed to be viewed on mobile devices, whether it be in portrait or landscape mode.

However, if the application is not yet expected to launch in Brazil, but let’s get ready to watch a movie.