Rolling Stone · 4 errors in the adaptation of Percy Jackson, which can’t be repeated on the Disney -+ [LISTA]


The idea of a literary Percy Jackson and the Olympiansof Rick Riordanyou will win a new adaptation, this time of a series produced by the Disney platform for live streaming from the studio. The author made the announcement on the side of his wife, The video, in social media, and ensured that involvement in the production.

The story came to theaters in 2010, and in the long Percy Jackson and the Thief of Lightningled by Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario. The film was a success at the box office, with revenues of US$ 226 million, but that was not to you, the readers. In the following, The sea of Monsters (2013), it did not harm, with a box office of$ 200,9 million compared to a budget of$ 90 million, but it received a negative return from both critics and the public.

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The lack of fidelity in the film adaptations bothered him, not only for the fans of the series, but it Riordan. In the year 2018, the author has released the details of the relationship with the production of the film. “After reading the final script, and what they were doing on the set, I realized that I had to tear myself away for my own peace of mind. I’ve never seen any of the movies on your way to the end,” he wrote.

We have selected some of the errors are unforgiving of the film adaptations, which may not be repeated in a series of Disney and a+. Check out this list:

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The age of the squad

In the first book, The thief of Lightning, Percy he is a child of 12 years of age and older. In the film, but the story starts with the characters in the teenage years, for 17 years. At that time, the Riordan he warned the production that is the choice, “would be the end of any possibility of a franchise. The personality of the characters, are also affected by the choice.

With a cast of age-appropriate series, you may want to have at least five years, one for each of the books in the saga.

The prophecy

With the shift of the ages, the development of a Great Prophecy has been compromised. In the book, an oracle, made a prediction. “A Half-Blood of the ancient gods, son, you will come to sixteen, in spite of the setbacks,” he said in the first part, which is a reference to one of the sons of Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon.

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Items left

In the first book, and the characters were some of the artifacts are on the journey in search of the radius is used in The god Zeus. Book wears a cap of invisibility, of new york, gift of the However, as well as the Percy you win the shoes winged the The project. Although the footwear is to appear in the film, it’s used for the wrong character.

These items are essential to the development of the plot and help the characters to overcome their opponents.

The uniform for the camp

In the film, even at Camp Half-Blood has been completely forgotten. The t-shirt in orange, with the image of a pegasus, and the name of the refuge of the demi-gods have been replaced by the clothes of the common, or armour, to training, to fighting in the movies. Fans of the Percy Jackson wear the uniform at events and conferences, and in the absence of such an element as a simple adaptation of strayed members of the public.