Rolling Stone – · – Taylor Swift is going to pay for the salary of the employee in a record store in Nashville while in quarantine


The music industry has been particularly affected by the pandemic coronavirus

In the midst of a worldwide outbreak of a coronavirus, Taylor Swift it will cover the salary and health care coverage for all employees of a record store in los angeles, Grimey’s.

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Talking with some of the Rolling Stone magazine, USA, SoDavisthe co-owner of the Grimey’s, revealed: “We were very surprised by that Taylor Swift came to us by way of the aide to the president, to provide assistance for the multi-COVID-19.”

“I didn’t even know were on the radar for her,” he said Davisadding that the pop singer has also appeared, when the storm struck Nashville and the central Tennessee at the beginning of the month: “and Now, she is trying to help the small and beloved company in the city.”

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“It’s a big deal for us,” he said Davis. “And now I have the peace of mind apply for loans from the [Small Business Association] to pay for rent, supplies and other expenses. Please note that the Sra. Swift it gives us a real chance to look at the other side of it.”

The record stores have been particularly affected by the pandemic coronavirus. While a lot of them have closed down following the orders of isolation in the Amazon has left in stock, vinyl is in favor of the “essentials”. As a result, the album sales were the worst of the week-in 60 years.

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