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May 14, 2020

The plan is that David Guetta was the release of the song with Demi. But, in the face of this incident, it was not possible. So don’t miss out on the band, the DJ and producer has opted to re-record it with another singer. The chosen one, it was Bebe, Rexha, who shared the vocals, and J Balvin. The launch took place in October 2018, and the single has received certified platinum in other countries in europe.

In July 2018 at the latest, so the three months prior to the release of the single, featuring Bebe Rexha, it came to disseminating an advertisement announcing the song, with Demi Lovato. In the same month, however, Demi has suffered an overdose in their home. “I was talking to her about the possibility of recording together, and before that… it’s Not a secret to anyone that she is going through some personal problems”, David Guetta said, at the Video) in September of that year, “so that it was no longer available to make that happen.” Which he hid it is, is that Demi had already recorded the song. Guetta kept it in the speech that she had not been brought to record.

When it was first released, David Guetta has made it a point not to handle the input from Bebe Rexha as a replacement, even though it was just such a case. “It wasn’t really a replacement, I want to tell you… I get it. Bebe is an artist who I have respect for the other. I love artists who are also composers, and baby it’s a singer-songwriter’s amazing, and her voice is amazing!! We made a ‘Yo Mama’ together, and we’ve had a lot of success with this song, and she was working as a singer-songwriter, and that was before she started her career as an artist. I really admire her. It is growing more and more, and I think it is wonderful,” he said.

David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, and the J Balvin even made a music video for the first single. The video became a hit on Youtube, garnering more than 678 million page views. Check it out below:

The return of Demi Lovato

The pop singer returned to music this year, with the presentation moved on to the stage at the Grammy Awards. At that time, she introduced a new song, which was written prior to the overdose, “Anyone”. After that, she released the single “I Love Me”, which entered the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, and, most recently, Demi was able to be heard in a duet with Sam Smith’s “I’m Ready”, the Top 20 in the United Kingdom.