Selena Gomez shows that you are still in the studio working on a new album


Selena Gomez is following focadíssima in order to produce new music. The singer has released two photos on Thursday night (the 16th), and to show the fans that you’re as well focused on their next drive.

Most recently, she has released the singles ” No You To Love Me, and Look At Her Now, but it seems that the album is not yet finished, Selena is putting the finishing touches to. On Instagram, she appears tired, in the new clicks.

“Well, it’s still here,” writes Selena in the caption of the image. We wish you lots of strength for her at this stage!

Selena Gomez also revealed the name of her new album, which is expected to arrive in the coming year. The singer is not issuing a new one from 2016, the last of which was the Revival. Even so, she has been involved in the music of other artists, such as in the case of the Taki Taki, and it also tracks the number of 13 Reasons Why.

While we don’t have the album, listen to the single, the latest from Selena Gomez: