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The mall, Iguatemi mall one of the shopping malls in Campinas, which is closed from the 19th of march, for the cause of the pandemic

The shopping malls all over the Country are already prepared for the re-opening, with a safety measures against the coronavirus, described in a memorandum of the operations developed by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Malls (Abrasce). The document, according to the organization, it is not a means of putting pressure on the authorities for the re-opening of the shopping centres, but rather is a commitment made by the shopping centers so that when the time comes.

All of the 577 shopping centers in Brazil were closed on the basis of the recommendations of the decrees of the municipal and state level to combat the pandemic, the Covid-19. However, little by little, a number of municipalities are starting a process of re-opening of the shops in the street, while shopping malls are still closed.

According to Glauco Humai, the president of Abrasce, the protection of the commerce of the streets and in the malls, it is something that they would not want to give up. “We do not agree to be bound by the opening up of the high street, and for the maintenance of the closure of the shopping malls in the area. This is a garbled message to the general public that the mall is less safe or less adequate,” he said.

To show that you are prepared to Abrasce, created a protocol of 21 new measures, which are designed to reinforce the hygiene, in addition to a procedure detailed for ensuring the health of customers and employees. According to the organization, and the topics that have been created out of international experiences, best practices from other industries, and also for the recommendations of health experts.

The document has not been registered in any agency, and there is not a formal request for the re-opening of the shopping mall. “To us, it becomes clear that it is not a question of pressure of any kind for the re-opening. The us prides itself on the financial strength of the tenants and for the general health as well. However, we want to place on record that we are ready for you when there is a re-opening,” he says Humai.


In view of the recommendations of the City of Campinas, with the goal of reducing the number of people, and to combat the spread of the Covid-19, and the five shopping centers in the city temporarily suspended its activities since march 19. The others are only closed activities, a few days later. At this time, the forecast is for a return of the activity was for the 2nd of this month. But with the spread of the disease across the Country, particularly in the State of São Paulo, there is a new date for re-opening.

System, drive-thru, has good adhesion

To try to minimize the impact caused by the closing of the stores because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the main shopping centers of Campinas and began to cater to the consumers through the drive-thru. To the extent it arises, as an alternative to dealing with the crisis and to restore some of the revenue lost.

The service in the drive-thru, which enables you to purchase the goods with ease and security, it remains running in the Iguatemi Campinas and Shopping Mall, as well as nine other projects for the network, Ii. Posted on April 28, as an alternative to a sale to the tenant, and the new service already has the support of more than 140 operations in the City.

The momentum of buying will follow the same assumptions as disclosed above, all of the care free being complied with, such as the mandatory use of face masks, and gloves, hygiene and peek at the product, and the alcohol in the gel is at your disposal to ensure that our customers have a safe shopping experience.

“The drive-thru has been shown to be an alternative to purchasing for customers, and the merchants of the mall at the moment, and, as a result, we have decided to keep this action in our shopping malls. We are constantly on the lookout for new procedures to facilitate the day-to-day, making the shopping experience more streamlined without compromising the safety of the present moment demands,” says Alexander Biancamano, director of marketing for the network, Ii.

The mall, Iguatemi mall in Campinas, guests can find shops of different segments, such as Pet, Bo.Bo, Cia, Sea, Fast, Shop, Iplace, Le Creuset, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, not only, and Vivara.

At the Galleria Shopping center, guests can do their shopping in the operations are also a wide range of industries, such as Licorice, Anacapri, Arezzo, Cotton On Kids, a Moist Center, Bookstore, Reading, Pandora, Creek, Richards, and Track&Field among the various options.

The drive-thru is available Monday to Sunday, from 12h to 20h. The mall, Iguatemi mall in Campinas, the access must be done through the Avenue and the Iguatemi, 777, parking lot P2 – Deck Parking, and on-the Galleria Mall on highway D. Pedro I, km 131,5, the entry of G2 — the parking lot at the bottom. The customer must comply with the signals built in.


1. The control of the traffic in persons, limited to 50% of the number of parking spaces of the parking lot;
2. Mandatory use of face masks to the clients, tenants and employees.
3 .Hiv counselling and testing to all employees and tenants;
4. The closure of cinemas, theatres and areas for the kids;
5. The hours of operation be reduced;
6. Antibactericidas that are applied on the carpets of the inputs and the outputs;
7. Entries are low and the use of specific ports for both inbound and outbound, in an effort to limit the agglomeration;
8. The measurement of the temperature via the thermometer manuals, etc.;
9. The hygiene of Shopping about every 3 hours, especially in the areas of touch: door knobs, hand rails, etc.
10. Special services for at-risk groups, with alternative forms of care, such as the drive-thru;
11. Social distancing must-see is the limitation of the fast food places and Restaurants, and 50% of its capacity;
12. The access control to the lifts, with the limitation of passenger cars;
13. An indication of the distance on the treadmills (one out of every 3 steps);
14. The removal of areas such as spaces;
15. The availability of alcohol gel to all of your customers, clients, tenants and employees.
16. The control of access to sanitation and hygiene, every 3 hours.
17. The maintenance and change regularly the filters of the air conditioning system;
18. Is not the operation of the service from the valet parking, and the restriction of the operation of the service, such as: diapering, and the loan of shopping carts;
19. The suspension of the events, actions, and children’s entertainment.
20. Campaign for merchants to enhance payment applications.
21. Awareness-raising campaigns for the population on the prevention of the Covid-19.

Written by:

Francisco Lima Neto