Supercine display in the film, the School of Technology on Saturday (September 23)


Supercine display in the film, the School of Technology on Saturday (23) and (Image Playback)

In the Supercineof the Globe, this Saturday, march 23/05, you are watching the movie The school of Technology (2015).

Synopsis: The 16-year-old Megan, He is already a young woman, an assassin trained with the best of them. But she was tired of this life, and to feign his own death to start over again. With a secret identity, and she is enrolled as a student at a small school, but his former boss is wary of the scam, and she decides to investigate the case.

The title of the original: Barely Lethal
The cast: Jessica Alba, Dove Cameron, Rachael Harris; Samuel L Jackson; Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner,
Address: Kyle Newman
Where are you from: The american
Type: The action

You can check out this story on Supercine, just after the top of the Hour, from 00h45 in the World.

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