Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande endorse social distancing to contain the coronavirus


The actor in action films, Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged americans to “ignore the jerks”, and Lady Gaga has said she is staying at home with their dogs, and Taylor Swift has said that sacrifices are necessary for the summoning of its 128 million fans to engage in social distancing in an attempt to contain the coronavirus.

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, 5/1/2020 (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, 5/1/2020 (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Photo: Reuters)

While the authorities of the United States, have stepped up requests for citizens to come in addition to wash their hands and isolate themselves as much as possible, Ariana Grande, and Heidi Klum have joined the chorus of celebrities calling for a dramatic reduction of social interaction.

“I’m seeing a lot of meetings, and the galleys, and the festivities are still going on. Now is the time to cancel plans to actually cut off the most that you can,” he wrote to Swift on the social network on Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s very scary, but we need to do what is right now,” said the performer of “Fearless”.

In new York city and Los Angeles have announced the closure of bars, movie theaters, and restaurants as of this Monday. The count of deaths from the outbreak rose to 65 by the end of the week.

Schwarzenegger, the star of the franchise, “The Terminator” and former governor of California, has published a new video in which it appears in the table in the kitchen, hugging her two miniature horses.

“Don’t go. Don’t let’s go to a restaurant. We don’t do anything else as well,” he said on Sunday. “To be at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, is to ignore those imbeciles.”

The aryan seemed to be responding to posts made by people on social networks by the end of the week is boasting about going to the bars, restaurants and public places, in spite of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“It’s incredibly dangerous and selfish to face up to the situation so lightly,” said the singer “7-Ring, which has a 177-million followers on Instagram. “Please, don’t take a blind eye to.”

The ex-Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, who starred in “007 – Quantum of Solace” in 2008, it was announced on Sunday that it is “locked in” since I have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, adding to the list of celebrities victimized by the disease, with Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.

A model and a judge on the program “America’s Got Talent” Heidi Klum said that it is keeping you away from the husband, the musician Tom Kaulitz, since they have had a fever a week ago. She said that she did a review of the coronavirus, but did not report the results since then.

The singer and actress Miley Cyrus has urged fans to stop shopping around and panic to the store, and that they are conscious while you are preparing for social distancing. “NO one is in need of all the soups in the store,” tweeted she.

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