The activist Greta Thunberg criticized the speech of minister Ricardo Salles


On Saturday, the 23rd, in this instance, the Swedish But Thunberg he criticized a speech by Ricardo Salles, minister of the Environment, and a video of the cabinet meeting published last Friday, the 22nd. At the meeting, he commented on the changes in rules and regulations: “You need to have an effort on our here as long as we are in this moment of calm in the aspect of the press coverage, because it is all about the Covid, and pass a herd of cattle, and moving the entire rule, and simplifying the rules”.

The young man said, and then, on a social network site: “Just think of the things that have been said away from the cameras. Our common future, it is just a game to them #salvemaAmazônia.” It has also been the target of praise from friends and supporters of the environmental cause, and the disgust of the supporters of the government, jair bolsonaro.

Recently, But he had also recorded a video addressed to the world leaders asking for help in the fight against coronavirus in the city of Manaus, which is under the health-care system on the brink of collapse.

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