The ascension: the proximity of the radical


Adroaldo Palaoro*

“Behold, I am with you all days, even to the end of the age” (Mt 28: 20)

The Paschal Mystery is the reality of time: neither the resurrection, nor the ascension, nor does it sit at the right hand of the Father, nor christ, nor the Spirit, are the facts to separate.

The different “expressions” of the Paschal Mystery, are the today, as yesterday, as our own, as they were to Peter, John, or a Magdalen. Not have happened only in the past but are still happening at this very moment. They are realities that affect our own lives. We can and we must live according to them as the disciples of Jesus had lived.

For us, the followers of Jesus, the ascension is the opening of the daily life, the reality of the service. You need to leave and live out the call of the Master to extend it in this world, and his way of being and living.

The ascension of Jesus does not mean circumvention of the heaven, “Men of Galilee, why stand ye here idle, looking at the sky?” (Cf. 1,11), but the immersion in your life. The one you Live in is not the cause of the world; its rise means to the expansion and the universe as a whole, plenificando all-in-all, It now takes on all of them, and can identify with all of humanity, and he continues to walk through the Galileias of the poor, the slums, the poor, the camp with those who live on the margins of…

As we celebrate the coming of Jesus in glory, not to celebrate with a final farewell, or for a detachment, but a new one the mode of the presence, as we celebrate the the proximity of the radical of the One who is, indeed, Emmanuel, God-with-us-forever.

The “ascending to heaven”, and Jesus is the most radically close to all of us, transcending time and space. the ascension is not a departure, but rather a new way of being for all, and in all the right places.

The only one that Jesus makes is to re-establish themselves and to ensure the close proximity and communication with the whole of humanity. This should give us great joy, as He stands here in the us. Thus, the ascension of Jesus, he challenges us to break through the narrowness of our lives, in order to expand it’s horizons in the most inspiring.

On the feast of the ascension this year, the liturgy presents us with the final scene in the gospel of Matthew, although it does not speak explicitly of the “elevation” of Jesus in the sky, it condenses the entire path of the previous one, and opens around the world, such as the presence and promise of life.

Matthew ends his gospel by telling of a brief encounter between the Risen Jesus and the eleven had gone to Galilee after he received the message that the women who went to the tomb. This meeting takes place away from Jerusalem, away from the place where they had lived through the traumatic experience of the passion of Jesus christ. This is the physical distance, is also essential. After the crisis, the fear, the despair, which was like a long time, and the Teacher invites him / her to go back to Galilee, to the origins, to move through the paths, in order to “make a memory” of the experience with Him, and that now you will re-read in a different way.

The ascension is the feast par excellence of the new close proximity of the lord Jesus. However, at the same time, the pandemic that we are physically distant from each other, but the rise might be a good time to turn to other ways to make us do next, based on the closeness of the Risen christ.

The feast of the ascension may also be an opportunity to reveal (take off the skin), the pharisaism which is latent in all of us, the living dressed up in a detachment of the human being.

The isolation of the toilet put it very clearly this fact: we took years of practice to distance the political polarization of religious, in the face of extreme, the split is ideological, in the distance, as a way for us to close our positions as fanatical, judgmental, and intolerant. A voice for the deaf has always been this: we are to separate ourselves from others, from those who think differently, feel differently, live differently, take their positions, and the options are different.

We must not let the current crisis in health emphasize the different distances that you were in hiding, but now you have come to the fore with greater force.

This is the stark contradiction is that we’re living in: for example, if being physically separated from our loved ones, and neighbors is the most effective way to combat the pandemic, we will then seek out other words in close proximity to such a distance as not to be converted into the ecosystem, and their way of life. The distance to health cannot be used as a smoke-screen to reinforce the other, the distances that are opening up in front of us in the field of social -, political -, religious-and cultural…

We can’t let the dream of the Kingdom: for the universal design of Jesus, and if you dilute it in the middle of the distances of bodies which dehumanize. As of today, more than ever, we need to celebrate, and to remember that together, united towards a common framework, we will be able to face any crisis that comes to us. Perhaps, pandemic offers us a great opportunity to for us to believe that, in fact: to transform the statements and hollows in the acts of the solids, to sum up all humanity in a single word: proximity. The closeness with those who suffer, those who seek a better world, with those who have the least are the ones who feel they have been excluded… In the midst of a world at a distance, and are suspected to grow and take root, the ascension, and is in close proximity to and the collaboration that all of us need to.

Not there are many other opportunities for turning this dream into a reality. We live at a distance, which is necessary at the moment, but let us not make it our life style, we shouldn’t be able to convert it into a means to determine who you are. We are called to be something more to it behind closed doors and in secure isolation. You can be “square, the common meeting place and dialogue of the hands, and ears are open in order to do this, which is so badly needed to feel close to each other.

In the light of the ascension, we can state the following: a physically different it is when we are closest to.

We recall that the constant invitation of Jesus, ” for the cause dating it will help them to integrate, to bring together, to reconnect, to connect with the fabric of the community. There are so many lives esparramadas, isolated, rejected… waiting for the synergy. In fact, It has brought people out of their isolation and the alien patterns of the relationship in order to expand in the direction of a new form of the relational with all that exists, such a relationship is the realization of the dream of the “Kingdom of God”.

As a man and as a woman, I bring forth this inner strength that makes us “out of ourselves” and to build relationships, to strengthen the communion, the breaking distance…

The human being is not made to live alone, he needs to live with it, live-with-the-other; it is a constitutively open, mainly with reference to other people: it sets out with the others, interaction, and work with them, and one way we are: the community.

Portions of the bible: Mt 28,16-20

Prayer: Jesus, the lives of their proximity to the radical, through his(her) followers, who are next in line. The “way of life” for the benefit of others is the litmus test of life is open, and is involved in the construction of a social interaction in which people dress in care and not on the hardness of the heart, and the respect for life, love, and non-violence, etc.).

  • For who I am, or even if you like me to do next in these times of social isolation?

*Adroaldo Palaoro, is a jesuit priest and now works in the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises