The cast of the Elite, you receive a new itinerary and confirms that season 4 finale on the video to Watch


Fans of the The Elite now they can celebrate on the quiet! The cast members of the series, which has become a phenomenon that is confirmed by the receipt of the roadmap, an official in the Season 4 in a video published by the Netflixand for Arón Piper, it is better for the public to be ready, because the story is “amazing” and “intense”.

Georgina Amorós will also say that I would like to see the face of the audience watching the next season. “It will happen to you so much, you have no idea”, he shot the actress, then a number of other members of the cast, who also were excited about the return of the series.

Check out the full video:

Created by Carlos Montero, and Darío Madrona, Elite will debut in 2018, the platform for streaming, taking into consideration the stories of Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, three of the scholars who have the opportunity to study in a school that is considered a high level in Spain, which was attended by the elite of the country.

There, they engage in a culture of arrogance and ostentativa of the students, and to approach the more strongly the Marina Of Lu, Ander, Place, and Charlotte, in addition to plunge deep into the sensualidades and incentives of sex in the school, who also holds the mysteries of the criminal.

In the course of the next three seasons, a lot has happened in the series, and it is now a dynamic, even bigger surprises, not least because of the public, and although I have become accustomed to the climate, the dust of the earth, and the sensual in the work, it always opens up the space for the new, and if you are relying on the reports of the cast in the video, released by Netflix, the second season might be the best of both worlds.

The only sad part is the absolute confirmation that Charlie (Esther Expósito), Lu (Danna Paola), Nadia (the Mine in the El Hammani), Polo (Álvaro Rico) and Mr (George Lopez), in fact, does not return to the series in Spanish.