The circus is performing yard ‘drive-in’ in the Rio Grande do Sul


The arts and entertainment, non-stop to come up with ways to continue operating during a pandemic. With the growth of the index in the case of a covid-19 all over the world, concerts, theatrical performances, dance performances, and even movie theaters had to be brought forward, or close the doors to ensure the safety and security of us all.

On the other hand, an idea that has worked in many countries, is to catch the “drive-in” old – format views of the collective, in which the spectators stay in their cars, and they all turned at the same stage or for the screen.

Today it is reserved only for special occasions, a tradition that has been resurrected in times of a pandemic, to protect the social distancing and minimize the risk of contamination by the new coronavirus.

The Circus-a Fantastic spectacle of the circus, Rio Grande do Sul, it will have to adopt this model in order to resume your presentation.

Based in the city of Santa Maria, the circus is managed and presented by the president of the Junior, who gave an interview to Radio Bandeirantes on the move. Last Friday (the 15th), a show (the pilot) has been mounted successfully.

The circus, in a format that the drive-in in Rio Grande do Sul The disclosure

The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

As the “crowd”, more than 20 vehicles that are going to form a big circle in the back of the yard, where all the performers will be wearing masks. A traditional canvas circus will surround them on all the cars, by reducing the ability of the audience to each performance, but increasing the protection of one and all.

Each and every car, you will pay$ 50, and it’s products, such as popcorn and soft drinks may be purchased over the phone and they will be taken to the car, and the second Side.