The day 20.05.2020 will be remembered in the history of poker to brazil for ever


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I can’t set two vices, and a third, and a fourth place finish in the tournament, which gave awards to six-digit number for players in the country

On the 20th of may, the year 2020 will go down in the history of online poker brazil for the the fact six of the players were surplus to more than US$ 2.4 million, or R$ 13 million in prizes combined played in several online tournaments.

The first gold bracelet of the country, it came at the hands of Alexandre Gomes, and Andre Akkari), our biggest idol at the time, to take his first world championship title. Roberly won$ 1 million, and Bruno’s Daughter, being the first brazilian to be a finalist in the November Nine at the world series of poker. All of them – and a few others will be remembered forever as the greatest moments in poker in this country.

Don’t have to be pretty brave to put down on the 20th day of may of the year 2020 as the most important day in the history of online poker in brazil. I can’t set two vices, and a third, and a fourth place finish in the tournament, which gave awards to six-digit number for players in the country, with buy-ins ranging from$ 50 up to US$ 10,300.

Let’s start from the smallest to the largest:

#6 The least of which was one of the most important ones. In a battle in heads-up play for nearly two hours, with none other than Adrian Mateos, the “Amadi_017”), Bernardo Rocha, “the Message of the RS”, it had a turnover of US$ 118.812 for second in the Event’s 79-M of the SCOOP. The star of the 4bet Poker, the Team has continues to be a Big hit, which is one of the top 10 largest prizes in Online Poker in Brazil.

#5 – Beating a field of almost 20,000 players, Thiago Guimarães has reached the cover of the WTP Super50 in the race. The victory was an impressive prize of US$ 124.074, and an ROI is absurd for a player of PokerLab

#4 – Brunno Botteon met with some of the world’s best players at the final table of the High Roller event of the SCOOP. In addition to that of his compatriot Pedro, President of the state of espírito santo shared a table with a name such as Pascal Lefrançois, and the defending champion, Steve O ‘ Dweyer. The bronze medal earned him a USD$ 142.624.

#3 – Gustavo Kamei reached the outside of round for the Main Event, the Medium of the SCOOP with the buy-in of$ 1,050 and. In spite of having been knocked out with a bad beat on the river, in the state of parana has won in impressive US$ 333.261

#2 The buy-in is$ 10.300 and this was the most important tournament in the SCOOP Main Event High. Pablo Brito was left with the silver after a bluff is a gigantic’t be the last. Either way, it has secured A$ 764.941

#1 The icing on the cake came in the Main Event, the Medium, the driven John Hayashi. The gold miner took A$ 920.066, the end of the day, with a further US$ to 2,400,000 in prizes to just those six players. With the dollar quoted at R$ 6.00, and there are more than R$ 13,000,000.

The quarantine is not expected to end, the online poker player follows a hit-and players are becoming more and more sharp. The anticipation of the big awards coming from the front is great, but it’s a bit optimistic, too much to think that at some time in the next few years, Brazil will surpass the number of significant results achieved to this date.

For those who are passionate about the poker game, a win, win, we are watching history being written. Where were you on the day of 20.05.2020? Congratulations to all the winners on this historic day. (With a Poker)