The Designer creates accessory that’s made with a pet bottle to ease the pain that is caused by the elastic bands for masks


The industrial designer here, by Patricia Pereira, a 36-year-old, has developed a solution to put an end to the pain in the ear, caused by elastic bands to the masks, to protect against the new coronavirus. The accessory allows you to regulate and prevent the contact of the elastic to the mask with the ears, providing more comfort. And the best thing is that it can be played in a home-made, using a pet bottle.

It is expected that the product, which is now in the process of this patent, may be manufactured and / or distributed free of charge to members of the public. But it’s the mold, so that the product can be made at home with a pet bottle, it can be downloaded from the website of the project, the Hero Project. (Watch the below video tutorial)

Patricia Pereira-mora 11 months ago in the United States, one of the epicentres of the world of the pandemic of the Covid-19. She says her first goal of the project was to provide comfort to the health care professionals, following reports of a hassle for several hours, by wearing a mask. She herself says she has a sense of the tension in the back of your ears when you have to wear a mask to get out of the house. Patti, you are in the Orlando area of Florida. “We’ve gone through the isolation here. Now that the city has begun to re-open. When I had to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, you would a mask, and the discomfort was too great,” he said.

That’s when she decided to do her part and help with the day-to-day health-care professionals. “In Brazil, I have worked in companies that were developing products with plastic components. I wanted to use my previous experience with this type of material in order to help others. It is the role of design. We’ve created solutions for all the problems,” he said.

So if you do it at home

As a designer, you know that the new piece of equipment can take a long time for it to be produced on an industrial scale, he decided to make it available in a way to make the lives of those who suffer with the aches and pains brought on by the skins. In a PDF file, it has the so that it can be printed out and played with the plastic from a pet bottle. It is the only crop to size and fit them into the elastic band of the mask.

Already in the original design, intended for processing, is made up of two parts, made in PVC or Silicone. “The material was chosen for its exibility and comfort,” says Patricia. In the system, the mask can be fastened by small hooks. The two parts are setting in the back of the house, so that he can adjust in accordance with the constitution and the size of your face and head.

“I just thought, first of all, in the health profession, but I realized that everyone could benefit from it. Since I was a child, I’ve always liked to build things. It’s good that I found the design in a profession that I love and it allows me to do for you”, concluded the designer.