The end of the controversy, James to Charles: Foquinha sums up the whole of the controversy between the youtuber and the Tati Westbrook!


Lightweight and Westbrook (Play Internet)

All the evidence suggests that the controversial James, Charles vs Tati Westbrook it came to an end. The site BreakTudo’ve posted to the list from the beginning to the end, from the very beginning of the controversy until today, there were more than 10 subjects, up until today, it started popping up when Tati Westbrook has posted a video on YouTube with a 43-minute video, she expões, James, Charles, said he, he is ungrateful, and that she felt used by him.

Share if you’ve felt used by him because it is said that the youtuber had refused to do publicity for the brand in the vitamins, it’s a Halo and Beauty, because they feel that it is suitable for her teenage fans, but he was making propaganda for your Sugar Bear’s Hair, which is a competitor of the marks of a Lightweight and a favorite of the Kardashians.

Prior to the Buttons present on the video that James had ever spoken to saying that they did not receive anything to advertise for the Sugar Bear, however, Tati has said is a lie, James. But the controversial and most of it was for Tati accused James of using his influence and power to harass men, straight guys, regardless of sexuality, to them. Soon after, the singer Zara Larsson has used Twitter to say that James is besieged with the boyfriend several times.

However, James made a video of 41 minutes, a result of a lot of the story, and using multiple prints of the conversations as evidence. James reiterated that they did not receive anything to get publicity for your Sugar Bear, and proved by the video that you already made, yes the advertising for the brand, to Share it only to help her out. He denied that harasses men, straight guys, and that is the bartender in the episode, they Share quotes with your video, it is in fact bisexual, and that the two got to talking, and all of it was consensual ( he even showed the print of the conversation of the two), in which he denies the version of the Fair, and he says that he did it just for a compliment to give her, for the DM, it’s all good. After that, Tati said he was sorry, and confirmed that the version of James that she realized that it really wasn’t a big thing, you do not have many DMs, but just one.

The youtuber Foquinha made a video explaining the whole mess, with a lot of detail, check out the video, it is much more.

It gives play to watch a video of Foquinha:

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