The film in the world “Cinemaço” on Sunday, the day 24/05/20

In the “Cinemaço” this Sunday (the 24th), at the Globe on display in the film, the american, French, German, and japanese in action “Fury On Wheels“.

The film tells the story of Milton, who has been involved with the wrong people in the past, and ended up in hell, and ended up with his daughter’s death. Now, her granddaughter is in the hands of the leader of the same cult, satanic. The time has come for His return to the world of darkness to try to save it, and you have your redemption. In his quest to discover the whereabouts of the child, he knows you, and She, a waitress at the good fight, and in search of adventure. It was what he needed to do to stand up to their enemies, and it’s still around on the Counter, a loyal subject of the devil, willing to take it back to the prince of darkness.

The Title Of The OriginalDrive Angry
The cast: Billy Burke, Nicolas Cage, Joe Chrest, William Fichtner, Amber Heard, Con Schell
The direction of: Patrick Lussier
NationalityAmerican, French, German, japonesaGênero Action

Be ready! In the view of the “War On Wheels” in the “Sunday Major” is scheduled to take place at 0h35 in the post, right after the “Sunday Major”.