The futurists have been forced to revise their forecasts for ECO –


Come in the Optimistic future. And even in the retail area, with window displays by Louis Vuitton, with the rainbow tell us that it has its origins in the rays of the sun through the clouds after a storm.

Every year now Wunderman According To The Intelligence it throws up a number of the trends for the coming year. The “The Future 100,” the annual report comes out in January, and those are some of the trends that will mark, in this case, you would mark up to the year 2020.

It so happens that a “normal ” life as we knew it has been upended by a global pandemic lay the foundations for an entirely new normal that will shape the year ahead he explains, Emma Chiu, Global managing Director of Wunderman Canada’s Intelligence.

The fact is that, for the first time in many years, the futurists were forced to revise some of the predictions to review, as a result of the pandemic, a change in the behavior of brands and consumers, cultural changes, and major transformations in virtually all industries. Not all changes, in some cases, the trends identified are still applicable, and some just picked up, as I’ve written here. But in this new world of which we are just starting to learn, live, when, in the desconfinamento, we got to go to the streets, to have the first meetings at work, or even social, he made a a follow-up to. In a world that come with habits, in which it is no longer possible to hug or squeeze of the hand to say hello, or even give you a kiss when we said good-bye to an old friend. In a new report, or the revised version if you want, it is noted in the increase of anxiety levels in young people in north america, which is already five times higher than that of the generations on the X-and game.

There are a couple of weeks ago I started to Ecoolhunter a series of videos on ‘ optimism at the time of a pandemic. Assuming that there is a degree of coolness to be optimistic in these times of uncertainty. I saw that in one of our brand managers, there has been over the last few months, with a sense of philanthropy or social responsibility is awesome, which is at the time of the competition, they worked together, and that’s with a healthy dose of optimism is now returning to the business, and to life in the new normal.

It is better that the first trend, identified in a new Report on the trends of the Wunderman Canada’s Intelligence – Optimistic future. It is said that the people and the brands that are making a concerted effort to find the positive side of it, for a moment, to the collective, to build a future with a positive attitude. The demand for the other good news in the U.S., searches on Google for the “the good news” they fired in the second week of April, according to the Google Analytics. The very claim made by the WHO guidelines include a recommendation that we should be “find opportunities to amplify positive and hopeful stories.” Your very own, ECO has created a section of the ECO R & ositivo with positive stories of companies that have been helping in the fight against the Covid-19.

In the new era of the new normal, it can be a Optimistic future. Even in the retail area, which is now reopened. Shop the Louis Vuitton receive the consumer with a rainbow, in different cities, we should remember that it is a symbol of hope, the beginning of a new adventuretaking it as a message that a rainbow has its origin in the sun’s rays go through the clouds after a storm. For a ride, as creative as the art that is in the beginning of the twentieth CENTURY, a part of the universe of the brand. This “The Rainbow Project”the Louis Vuitton invited the staff and children to set up their storefronts, each storefront will have a different version in the house in the city. And this is the beginning of a new normal, along with optimism and a clear vision for the future.

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