The new album of Kanye West, it should be called “God’s Country” and the first single to come soon


Kanye West, I would be writing a new album, and according to Arthur Jafa, in the brand new a single, and the visuals that go along with them they can go out as early as next week.

The new album from Kanye West is called ” God’s Country, and we are getting the first sneak peek of the highly anticipated project in the next week or so. On Thursday (may 21), and the director of photography and filmmaker Arthur Jafa and spoke with the person and the artist’s cultural Michèle Lamy on his recent work with Kanye west. Michèle asks Arthur if it is the video with which it is engaged is a part of the Sunday morning Service from the West, but it does indicate that it is, in fact, that is related to the next album, Yeti.

“No, no, no, it’s from their new album, it’s called ‘God’s Country’”, Arthur replies, revealing the official title for the upcoming album. ”This will be the first single off of it. I don’t know if I should not announce,… I may be handing over your gold,” he said. “But, yes, it’s a brand new studio album, which is coming up. I don’t know when the album will be released, but I think that the first single will come out in the next week or so. It may not be definitive.

Prior to Arthur, to share some of the detail, it is believed that in the next project of the West, was a collaborative effort with Dr. Dre, it would be titled Jesus is the King II., however, it is possible that the Yeti is simply to have decided to rename the album, although it is not yet clear if it will serve as a sequel to the Jesus-Is-King, which was released in October of 2019.

We will keep you posted on any updates on this new project of the Ye.