The ONLINE brings you five of the films for a laugh and a look-see! – the daily

He’s just Not that into You is a movie in 2009 (Photo: Playback)

You can go as far as saying that it does, but everyone likes a good romantic comedy. The The ON of Campinas, brings to you this Friday (the 15th), and a list of films to make us laugh and sigh at the end of the week. Check it out!

1 – Legally Blonde (2001)

Directed by Robert Luketic and starring Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde has it up the plot is predictable, but that doesn’t make them any less fun. Elle Woods is dating the most handsome boy in the school, Warner Huntington III, who is even planning to get married in the future. But We do have a problem that bothers you, Warner: she’s vain too!

Until, that is, when Warner bros. is going to school for a law degree at Harvard University, he goes on a date with a new girl and she decides to drop Him, they don’t give up, and she decides to study in order to also go to law school, and on top of that to prove your intelligence.

Legally Blonde-is in the starring by Reese Witherspoon (Photo: Playback)

2 – Love at Second Sight (2002)

This is a movie from Marc Lawrence and the starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. A dedicated lawyer, Lucy Kelson is going to work for billionaire George Wade as part of a deal to preserve a community center. Very hesitant, He shall be subject to the direction of Lucy for everything, from legal to clothing to use.

Angry, no one asks for their accounts, begin to comply with notice and signed a contract with June Carter as his replacement. When his last days at the company are beginning to come together, Lucy gets jealous of June and have a question to leave Him.

3 – How was It for the First Time (2004)

This film was directed by Peter Segal and features actors Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Henry Roth is a veterinarian at paquerador, who lives in Hawaii and is famous for its large number of tourists, which can be readily seen. Their target is Lucy Whitmore, who resides on the spot, and by whom Henry falls in love madly.

But there is one problem: Lucy is suffering from a lack of short-term memory, which makes them quickly forget the facts that you have just done. And with that, He’s bound to win her over, day in and day out, to stay by her side.

4. Love Does Not Take The Holiday (2006)

Directed by Nancy Meyers, and starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, and Jude Law, this film tells the story of two women, one from the United states and the other from England, that they decided to leave the house on Christmas after suffered from their relationship.

Each of them is in love with a local man, only to find that the return you end up with the relationship. The story is fun, and it’s always me and starts sighing, and I hope you do the same for you.

5 – He’s just Not that into You (2009)

The film is Ken Kwapis and features Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson. He’s just Not that into You, Friends and lovers, trying to make its way through the complexities of relationships in modern, often ignoring the true intentions of the opposite sex. This is one of my favorite movies, and I can guarantee you that you will understand why after you watch it.