These BEAUTIFUL Selena Gomez; sofrência never-before-seen Linda Thomas; the partnership of Smith, and Ivete Sangalo, and a clip bapho in Halsey, are featured in the “Transactions of the Sixth”, check it out!


If you are relying on for this first of all “Transactions of the Sixth” in 2020, the year will be filled with hymns and music are wonderful! Selena Gomez has made her triumphant return with the release of the album of unreleased “Rare”, and her mother Linda Also showed the result of the recording of the “Hook” for the project “All-comers”. It also has: a hottie than Silva, and Ivete Sangalo, and a clip of the super sexy in the new era of the Halsey!

Assets Also may be in the home taking care of little Leo, her first child, but she has not forgotten about the fans at all. This Friday (the 10th) the queen of the sofrência released a “Stick”, giving continuity to the project’s success, “All the Songs”, in which he is writing a song for the first time in each capital city of the country. On the track, and the clip has been produced in Belo Horizonte, in a free concert, and surprise, surprise, announced on the same day of the show. I love it, and everyone singing along!

After a hiatus of almost four years, ever since they released their last studio album, “Revival,” and Selena Gomez is back on the most iconic ever. The star unveiled the long-awaited “Rare”, which marks his comeback triumph at a career in music. The working together of the songs that have already been posted … Look At Her Now” “No You To Love Me,” and it brings you new tracks babadeiras.

Latin music the best it is with J Balvin, even! The singer released the music video for his latest bet is “Live”. In production, it appears to be a sort of castle in super luxury in the scenarios as well, the conceptual, and, all in a palette of shades of lavender/purple. A bapho!

The singer, Smith’s ever-more intertwined with the music of bahia… following the release of the live album “the Block to The Smith,” singing the debut album of the spiritual power of music, the artist has invited no one less than brazilian Female singers for the recording of the track “For Life”. The composition has a letter that is romantic, as are all the works of the musician, and to gain the power of the voice of the Members. The wedding music is perfect for it here. Watch the clip:

Lexa is a sapequinha and tireless, especially when it comes to work. After the blow up on the charts with “Call It”, feat Peter, during the second half, the singer has released the results of its partnership with the Jottapê, great, “Strike the Palm”. Another strong contender for the title of ‘the hit of the summer’. Check out this clip:

The fans and the production company Miyon could not be more pleased with the new phase of the singer. The recording is from the DVD “Live At the Fort” yielded several songs that have been released one after the other. This week, the country released a “Label for Warning”, with the special participation of john Wesley Safadão.

To get a little bit of the anxiety of the fans, by Halsey released over an unreleased track from his album, “Manic”, which hits the digital platforms on April 17, feveireiro. “You Should Be Sad” is a composition of the singer herself, in a partnership with Greg Kurstin, and it has a video clip baphônico, to name a few includes a reverse super woman. Own it!

Both of the twins more pumps of the music are present in the first Releases of the Sixth year. Maiara, and Lucas released “If I Escape”, a track from the project “around the House”, recorded in the ‘backyard’ of the house, one of them with some of her friends, family, and fans. Well, you won’t feel lost in the mood churrascão, you know?! The track is a sofrência more animadinha, more in the spirit of the overcoming of it ‘broken heart’. Lol

This week is also marked by the comeback of another amazing artist: Alicia Keys! In the last year, the star released was “Here” at the end of 2016. However, the singer has decided to give you a sneak peek of his upcoming work to the fans and released the song “Underdog”. The song allegedly co-written by Ed Sheeran, is a well-animadinha and a hottie… and you’ve got a clip! In the video, the stories and the lives of the people, “the oppressed”, to overcome the problems and difficulties we earn the spotlight. Awesome!!

More New Titles: You know, the Carnival’s coming, even when there is some news music Mercury. The singer released a new studio album “Perfume”. The group is of the charts Haikaiss called Projota for the recording of the excellent “For You to Persuade”. The week will also have a new song on the double-six Henrique e Juliano the song “Back Down”. Francisco Gil, a grandson of bill and is the son of the Black one, adopting the last name of the The f for the release of his debut album, “Roots”. Di Ferrero’s debut project “Red Sessions” with an acoustic disc and the shares of Vitão, Rashid, and Maneva; on the disc stands out, “Just Pray”, song from the times of the NX, which has gained a new appearance of the airport. We have closed with the union power Megan Thee Stallion and Normani with “Diamonds,” for the soundtrack of “Birds of Prey”.