This is an absurd! The hero of the Marvel comics will return to the MCU is only 5 years old


Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, has returned to us with comments on the input of the Asgard in the MCU, the universe of film from the Marvel universe. The merc was part of the Fox, which was sold to Disney, and it has been returned to the property for the editor.

Previously, Liefeld has said openly that that is Deadpool, the 3 wasn’t in development because of the Marvel comics (see here). Now, the creator of soldier of fortune back in the news bad to the fans.

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To Produce, Liefeld has ensured that it has seen in the calendar of Marvel at the movies “for the next 5 years,” and in Asgard 3 in “there”.

For fans of the Marvel comics and the creator of, for the lack of Deadpool 3 of the calendar, it’s a disappointment. Asgard 2 has been launched in 2018, and let the viewers look forward to in a sequel.

“No matter what my views, what I do know is that the film is not taken seriously until it is placed on the calendar. People don’t like it when I tell you that I have reviewed the schedule of Marvel comics for at least the next 5 years, and the Asgard aren’t there. So, I don’t see how you can get it before that,” said the creator of the character.

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Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool movie, but he has given some of the statements on the film of the hired hand. The actor admitted conversation with the Marvel universe.

However, when asked about a release or a release, the star of the Marvel comics, he is very clear: “I don’t know,” I said.

In previous interviews, Ryan Reynolds also admitted that he did not know if the Asgard will come in the MCU, or whether it will continue with movies that are disconnected from this universe. Marvel, on the other hand, if it is pronounced.

Prior to the sale of the Fox, Disney, and the merc had no plans to have at least two more films. One was a Deadpool of 3, while the other was a by-product of the rest of X-Force, a group of the character of the title that appears on the Asgard 2.

What we do know is that the derivative isn’t going to happen. While doing so, a position at Marvel on Deadpool 3.

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The only confirmation that Ryan Reynolds is still in the role of a character.

Deadpool still doesn’t have the prediction for a new movie in the Marvel universe.