Travis Scott, trolla fans with a site that she sells to the stockings that are used for official


Travis Scott has come up with a smart and funny to promote his new Nike sneaker the Air Max 270.

At this point, fans of Travis, Scott, will buy just about anything that is on the straight to decide to sell their official merchandise. The hitmaker is the king of the merch, getting the thousands of young fans queued up in the recent times, it has sold the promotional items to the hard disk Astroworld. Clearly, in It; This has got a lot of interest in the design, adhering to the Nike and Jordan Brand for a number of collaborations. For your next sneaker will be the Nike Air Max is 270, and as the release date draws near, to Him, felt comfortable in it with their fans.

Sharing a link via Twitter to the song of Houston asked the fans to make purchases at the Cactus Trails Trading Co. The web site has been designed with a master to be imitated, a clothing store in the bad, and the cheap, by offering the products that you are going to buy for it to make a trail, or a hike while wearing their new collection with Nike. Among the new products that are sold as official merchandise of Travis Scott to the fans, you can buy a carpet in the desert, in THE$ 900-a guide to the trails of the US$ 345 so-called “Jack”, is a piece of$ 50, which functions as a basket in basketball, a buzzer for toy, for$ 5,000. and a pair of socks that are used.

Of course, none of these products is the real thing. When you click to make a purchase, you you you you you will then be sent to a new site (e-shop and real to Him, where are to be found official photos of the Nike Air Max 270 ‘Cactus ‘ Trails’. There are also a couple of new and fashionable outfits designed by Nike, is waiting for you…. The new shoes will released on the 29th of may.

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