With a black costume, Henry Cavill returns as Superman in the trailer, awesome

It is not yet clear what will happen to the character in the film, but many fans want the return of Henry Cavill in the role.

One of those fans is Billy Crammer, YouTuber living by making custom trailers.

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Now, the Crammer has shared a trailer for the fan-in for Man of Steel 2, Cavill showing up with long hair, a beard, and the costume of black and Blue.

You can take a look at the exciting video that is in no way official, it is, of course, more on this below, at the end of the story.

Up to now, there are, of course, if Henry Cavill will play Superman again in the film.

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If Abrams is confirmed as the director, it will be up to him to choose for the residence of Cavill, or the signing of a new player.

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