A Poster of the One-Punch Man is a fan-made show, but Ryan Reynolds is such as Japan, check it out


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In the anime One-Punch Man it became one of the biggest hits of the last few years, the story is full of humor, which plays with the clichés of the genre Shōnen all the time, as well as the impeccable quality of the animation, at least in the first season.

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It is this success that caught the attention of the Sonythat was announced last month that it will produce a film with the actors that is based on the anime series, taking fans by surprise and leaving them just as intrigued and scared. And, as might be expected, the internet has already started to figure out who would fit best for the role Japanthe “good fun” and that is the main character of the story.

On the website Redditthe user Zarting it was also, and he has produced a beautiful poster of the film, where we see the actor Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, with the bald and all. Check it out:

One-Punch Man it will have its screenplay written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinknerresponsible for But and with the new movies Jumanji. As yet, no line-up of actors that has been done, and there is no prediction of a film.

Is 10 times more funny in the anime listed below: