Amber Heard gets emotional when he read an open letter on domestic violence, which would have been his Wife – the one Who


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp (Foto: The Grosby Group)

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp (Foto: The Grosby Group)

Amber Heard was thrilled to share it with the audience at the gala-Outstanding Women of color, hosted by Porter Magazine, and on the evening of Tuesday (10), a period that experienced after they finished up with Johnny Depp, who she was accused of physical abuse. Before you read on with an open letter, which he wrote about a troubled relationship, and the impact of the story, which has become public by the year 2016, she said that she lived in “one of the most painful and difficult of my life.”

“We’re going to start with the truth, and the truth is hard and cold. When a woman has to talk to you about your suffering, about injustice, and, in time, help, concern and support she’s received it with open hostility, cynicism, and shame. Your motives will be questioned and the truth will be ignored. It doesn’t matter how awful or terrifying it is for the trauma survivor, the truth is, it may pale in comparison to what happens after that,” he started it.

“It’s no wonder that so many of us feel that we have to keep quiet, or keep to our own well being to try to maintain our dignity and to endure quietly. The fear of being banished by his community, it is only the more frightening it is. But I’m here to tell you that there is no need to make this deal awesome. It is not easy to raise your voice to defend yourself, your truth, and to do it on my own, but the world is changing. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with women to understand the vastness of the army of the voice, and we can no longer accept in your life.”

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In 2016, the photos of Amber with his face to the wounded, was visited by all the leading web sites in the news. At the time, the press release said that the bruise on her face would have been caused by the Wife, who would have thrown her cell phone into her face. In addition, in accordance with TMZ, she had been the victim of domestic violence and abuse throughout the entire marriage, which has lasted for 15 months.

She also said that soon after the Wife throwing the phone over his face, and he began to wrap the various objects in the room. The case ended up in court, and that the actor has received a restraining order from the actor. Depp and Amber have finally reached a settlement in their tumultuous divorce, and the actress has withdrawn the allegation of physical abuse, one day prior to the commencement of the hearings of the mediation.

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“Our relationship was intensely passionate, and at times ethereal, but always connected by love. None of the parties have made false accusations for financial reasons. There has never been the intent of some to cause physical or emotional harm, said She and Depp said in a statement.

Recently, the Wife decided to give the version of the tumultuous relationship. He’s accused of She has defecado on the bed of a married couple after a fight between the two of you when you were still married to each other.

In the case that it would have happened by April 2016, a month before he came to the surface, the charges in the Amber of that the Wife would have had him beaten up. At the time, the actress has appeared in the face hurt, and the relationship has come to an end. But the controversy did not stop to appear. She denies the charges and says that it was responsible for the feces on the bed in the bedroom, in the house that they lived in the Los Angeles area, and are Loldog of a Wife, who has intestinal problems.

‘It was something of an innocent, and that many of the pet toys may be,” said a source to the tabloid The Mirror. “We don’t have anything further to say about it. The sra. Heard he went on with his life, and we don’t want to collude with this nonsense,” said the insider to the publication.

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Since it has been given the go-ahead on the paperwork for the divorce of Amber and the Wife, or the exchange of accusations, it is still firm and strong. The actor went on to say that he was beaten up twice by Amber, on the night of the altercation that went public when She accused him of playing with a cell phone in his face.

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