And Fall of Tsar placed the photo, and fs compare with: “Justin Bieber’s brazilian”


“Justin Bieber came on the fs the social network of the singer

PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram

The and Fall of Tsar, which is part of a double-Breno & Caio Cesar posted a photo on her Instagram on Friday night (the 28th), and it turned out to be, compared to the ningum less than pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Cap, cabelosloiros, and with a mustache, and he has been compared by netizens to a canadian singer. I thought that I was the one @http://”, he wrote in a sense.

“Justin Bieber brazil”, he commented to the singer, who’s ex-brother-in-law and Even Santana (the company of trying to ask this girl to date, your irmo, and as a partner of the stage, and had to Write to Tsar).

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