Anitta says he has been threatened by a journalist, Leo’s Day: “he Threatened not only me, but my team’


This past Sunday night (may 25) the singer Anitta released a series of videoscheck out this linkin which it states that he was blackmailed by a journalist, Leo’s Days.

The matter turned over to the social network, and since then it is one of the topics most talked about by the fans of the rio de janeiro artist in the Twitter.

According to Anitta-she is being threatened, after it follows one article published by a journalist about her mother, and an alleged falling-out.

Anitta Reproduction/Instagram

“I’d rather deal with the turmoil of having to use audio and talk to cast for you, I a few Days of living with the constant fear of blackmail,” said the artist.

The days would threaten to disclose the conversations of old, with a number of information and gossip”. On the afternoon of Monday, Leo has also appeared in the social network.

“I want to thank you for the messages of the artists, giving the congratulations for my courage,” he shared with the journalist on Instagram.

“Just so you know: I will never, ever, is not logical, that’s what she’s talking about is always there. As I was going to do it, and it cleared in my book.

“Anitta you have read the entire book (a biography written by him. I have the original, and the part which she took. You have it all saved,” she explained on the social networking site.

Anitta - Leo day Reproduction/Instagram