Anna Kendrick, looking for love in trailer for ‘Love Life’, to the HBO Max; watch it


HBO’s Max has released the first trailer for the “Love Life”, a series that kept clean sheets in 10 episodes, starring Anna Kendrick, in the role of a girl searching for love.

The preview shows the character of the Kendrick on several occasions, and the relationships in his life, during his search for the love, check them out below:

The series follows the search for the love of the protagonist is different in each season, each episode is a half an hour to tell the story of their relationships.”

“The whole arc, what we wanted was to show how we learn from each relationship,” she says. “Even though our relationship ended, that does not mean that they are failures as a whole. People come into your life and you get older, and they will change you, and what you can learn from them, it can actually be either positive or negative.

In addition to the star, Anna Kendrick, is also a producer on the series, created by Sam Boyd. “Love and Life” is the first big bet for HBO’s Max, since it’s the platform you plan to put it back in the race for the Emmy awards, according to Variety.

“Love and Life” will be released on Wednesday (27), in conjunction with the launch of the streaming service and HBO’s Max, which still has no release date in Brazil.