Artist transforms Disney characters into the heroes of the Marvel and DC universe

When it comes to the cartoon, and we know that imagination can go a long way. Just pull the memory, the number of animations you have already produced, for example, by the Disneyand so many of the characters that have been created, and the topic of discussion. And, even then, that creativity in all it is very far from over. The proof of this is the game that the incident of the French Samuel Chavé he did it in his Instagram. It took several Disney characters and decided to make them into the heroes of the Marvel comics and DC Comics. Needless to say, this caught the attention of a lot of fans, right?

Shethe beloved Queen of the animated movie “Frozen”, and in the hands of the Chavé it came to the turn of the Captain Marvelplayed in the cinemas Brie Larson and that was in a film’s breathtaking solo, in addition to a crucial role in the “Upcoming Deadline”. All right, that She already has powers and it’s not too hard to imagine her as a great heroine. In fact, it’s kind of that’s what she is, isn’t he? Already The Shank“toStill, Ralph“we turned the Wonder Womanthat came to fruition in the skin of the Gal Gadot. Until, that was interesting, this transformation, is it? After all, the Shank is now a woman, strong enough, then it is missing even one point.

By the way, Disney, Marvel comics and DC Comics have more in common than we thought it would be, right? Maybe in the future we will have She as part of The X-Men.? In fact, there is even a missing animation in the original it speaks about a group of super-heroes. If you liked this idea, and want to take more, it’s time to check out the designs of Samuel Chavé. And tell us, what was your transformation of choice.