As you start to watch Doctor Who


One of the fandoms most passionate in the world and is in the Doctor Who. Rumble, the fans of the series, the british are trying – often in vain – to call the attention of friends and family, to produce the The BBCthat was his first story appearing in the first decade of the 1960’s. On the other hand, a lot of the special features of Doctor Whothe change in routine, leading to complicated rules, to travel back in time, scare away potential new viewers. In addition to this, the number of seasons, it also takes away the un-initiated: it just was in the “modern” series, which began in 2005, and has 12 consecutive seasons.

With the canon each and every time, the most complicated of the series, it also made it difficult for the mission to the fandom, what with the series. Rather than go into all the details, many of the fans of the production have decided to sum up your plot in one short sentence:it is about time and space”. In spite of the more-or-less – correct, the tone is not exactly inviting. After all, there is no lack of TV is a good series of sci-fi, new or not.

To facilitate the arrival of new spectators, we have made a list of the episodes of the latest Doctor Who it will help in the introduction to the series, and they are in the best possible way, so that’s the story of the traveler’s temporal, it’s been so successful.

Note: because of the episode’s introduction, the 50th anniversary of the show, “On the Day of the Doctor” not entered on the list.