Best story! Taylor Swift just had the BEST idea about how to use your own music in ‘the Killing of Eve’, and not give the profit to the opponent, Scooter Braun! Come to find out, the ‘hype-master’!

Taylor Swift being a genius all over again! On the evening of this Sunday (the 24th), the singer surprised his fans by celebrating the appearance of a cover of “Look What You Made Me Do” ” from some unknown band called “Jack the Leopards and The Dolphin Club in the opening match of the third season of “the Killing of Eve”. Speculation began to emerge after the fans of the artist can be noted that the band does not have any credit and I had before the release of this cover.

Fans of the artist, the light that you are, didn’t take much to join the dots and figure out who the song was released by him / her, using a nickname that is already known, along with his partner in music for a long time, Jack Antonoff, and the voice of her brother, Austin. All of this was behind us, the strategy is to take control of, and profits from your own songs. As we all know, a good portion of the book, writes, Swift, is now in the grip of a Scooter Braun, who bought a record label, Big Machine Records and as a result, the first six albums of the loire, in the past year.

“Very, VERY EXCITED about this cover of ‘LWYMMD’ on Killing Eve to Jack and Leopards The Dolphin Club”said Taylor in the nets on Thursday night, posting a video of the opening number to the sound of the album’s lead single, she won a vibe, more of a slow and mournful.

The music soon as it has been officially published on Youtube and on other streaming platforms in the us claims he was unable to read, “Nils Sjoberg,” as a producer. This is an alias, created by Taylor, in 2016, when she co-wrote the hit song “This is What You Came For”, from her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Later on, she ended up revealing that they were behind the hit after a couple of run-ins with the DOJ. A year later, while I was in the “Reputation Age”, the blonde woman made a reference to the name of the place in a tomb as an easter egg in the video, well, Look What You Made Me Do”.

Jack Antonoff appears in the name of the new group as well as with your very own name in the credits of the song. And what is your involvement with the Austin? As well as Taylor, his brother is involved in the subtle. His name does not appear on any credit for that, but the swifties more attentive, they noticed that the cover on the cover was adapted from a photo of the child in early childhood!

In this click on, Austin is still wearing a t-shirt that read, “the Dolphin Club”. By the way, the fans have found evidence that the actor has kept the phrase as their name on Twitter for a long time, between the years 2012 and 2013. Check it out:

In addition to all of this, in February of this year, an article in the “Daily Mail” said that Taylor Swift would have asked Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the course of a conversation between the two at the Golden Globe awards, and if his brother would sing on the soundtrack of the first season of “the Killing of Eve,” which was being recorded at that time. By the way, a Warlock, and the creative and production executive in the production, and gave an answer in the affirmative!

Also, it is worth remembering that, in December of 2019 at the latest, Taylor, kate and Austin were together in a recording studio. Your very own Taylor, has released images of the moment when, on celebrating the birthday surprise he received.

The confirmation of all this theory came a few hours later, when Taylor, my two posts on Tumblr that talked exactly about their fans, they have deciphered all of the clues. “Taylor, it literally made us so good that we found everything in five minutes, and I’m very proud of it, and I hope that she will also.”wrote a swiftie.

“Taylor’s going through the feed at this time, and see how we connect the dots, ‘That’s funny’”, he has published one another. As the saying goes, right? Best story!

In the end, the fans claim that the reason for all of this, it would be the desire of Taylor to take control of their own music. On account of the sale of the Big Machine Records label, and now it’s Scooter Braun who is the holder of the rights to the master recordings, and he is the person who can approve or not approve of their appearances in the movie series, and made money only on it.

Taylor has already revealed that it plans to re-record their first six albums, to go back to being the owner of his own music, but for the agreement, it may do so from November of this year. This is not a concern, however, with the covers done by other artists.

Through “Jack, the Leopard, and The Dolphin Club, and is the voice of your brother’s, she would be able to have the rights to use the song in the series that I wanted to and still make a profit from it. As we have said before, best story!