BLACKPINK, talks about the partnership with Lady Gaga, it’s “Sour Candy”


One of the songs stored in the album, brand new Lady Gaga it’s “Sour Candy” – a collaboration with the group of K-Pop BLACKPINK. Two of the members of the girlgroup, Smooth, and, Jisoo, talked a little bit about your work in a live-in with her fans. Lisoo said that listening to the music and catch on to the dance floor. Already, Jisoo, I showed you how you react whenever you hear the track:

According to the company’s BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment, the collaboration with Lady Gaga: it happened “naturally” because they listened to the music, to each other. The bottom line is that the BLACKPINK signed a contract in 2018, with the Interscope Records, the same record company from Her, which certainly made it easier to bridge.

The “winner” of the BLACKPINK

After the massive hit of “Kill This Love”,” the girlgroup prepares new singles and an album for the year 2020. The return of the quartet, has been postponed because of the pandemic of the coronaviruses, but the BLACKPINK will begin its release schedule in the month of June. The album is expected to take place in September.

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