Britney Spears is full of the good form of a tank top and mini shorts


Britney Spears
The american singer Britney Spears (PHOTO: Playback)

Britney Spears may no longer be in his resident show on the Las Vegas strip, but she has to keep your workout on the day, and it proved so in his latest video posted on her Instagram.

The singer has turned her living room into a stage and made up a routine quickly to all the fans who had made several compliments to the blonde at his page. Britney is currently with a 38-year-old appears to be the top in green and black shorts, dancing for the camera while dancing around and her hair.

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“It is one of my favorite things to do is dance… I do it all day long!!!!!!”, she wrote in Her caption. Ever since the blonde woman, accidentally caught fire, the state of your home, by 2019, it has adapted an activity.

Britney Spears has admitted in recent times that dance is still one of her favorite things in a video shared by a fan in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of their second album, on may 16, 2000.

Despite the repostou of the video, and he wrote in the caption: “Thank you to whoever made this… I Just pick up my phone, and I was waiting for it!!!!!!! 20 years on from the album, ‘Oops!’… the anxiety and the butterflies that I felt before it was released was crazy, all my expectations have been exceeded!!!! And it’s all thanks to you…. thank you for being with me and grow with me. I am such a lucky girl. God bless you, and thank you to all of you!!!!!! PS.: As you can see, the same as 20 years ago, and I loved to dance“.