Controversy: James, Charles, is a new video with the 41-minute length: “No more lies”


James, Charles, Play, Internet.)

If you want to be the case James, Charles he was dead and buried, if you’ve made a mistake, because the subject is still giving plenty to talk about, and we have the latest news. James stopped losing subscribers, and his channel a few days ago, and he started to win, he had 13.4 million subscribers on YouTube, last Wednesday, this Monday (the 20th), it’s more than 14.8 million subscribers.

What’s the matter?

Tati Westbrook went back to talk to James, the other video is called, Why I Did it (Why I did this), it’s already at 21 million views on the video, she explains her relationship with James, and in spite of pointing out the faults of a young girl, she tells him that she loves him, and wants users to stop using hatear it. (The video was posted on the 16th).

James, Charles he has published a new video on the 18th, and the title is “no More Lies (No more lies), and the video must be no less than 41 minutes in length, once you publish the video, and James has returned to Twitter for the first time on the controversy, and the social network, he wrote: “I’ve done my video for today, it is not to start a war, but to take responsibility for my own actions, and to clear my name. There are two sides to every story, and now you can hear the two of them. I’m sure that’s going to be said, but I’m getting on with it. You can form your opinions, but please, don’t send any hate to anyone.”

In the video it says that the account of his side of the story, it talked about the Buttons, and Jeffree Star, who’s accused of making sexual advances that are inappropriate in heterosexual men. He has provided screen shots of the conversation from Instagram, which allegedly had with a waiter at a restaurant in Seattle, saying that their encounters were completely consensual.

Charles spoke about the controversy stirred up with his or her mental health and said that it’s going to take a break in the production of a video on YouTube. “Have you read the hundreds-of-thousands-of-tweets, and YouTube videos, and articles about me, my character and my family’s, that are based on things that it was almost all a lie…It makes me mess up.”, he said in the video.

No More Lies

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