‘Do not come out of the bubble of the united states’


Released on Friday, the 31st in the Series, the production, directed by Lana Wilson, tells all the details of the career of a pop singer, and the difficulties they faced

Originally posted at At The Sundance Film Festivalthe documentary Miss Americandirected by Lana Wilson it tells of the astronomical career of the singer and the songwriter Taylor Swift, it came to the Netflix on Friday, the 31st.

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The premise of the show, the details of the behind the scenes and in the personal life of the Swiftas for the eating disorders they had suffered, the mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, and the controversies that surround him Kanye Westand on the motion for the election of the Donald Trumpthe production got the attention of the critics, and has received controversial opinions.

The The New York Times, Miss American “it opens a window that is rare, and is honest about what makes you a star[[Taylor Swift]run”. According to the magazine And“it is a portrait of eye-opening and empowering Taylor Swift at a turning point in his own career.”

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According to Collider, the production is “with a compelling story and heartfelt as an artist is incredibly famous, for the children to be gentle and harmless, be reconciled to your growth as a human being, politician, and feminist from the eyes of the public.”

While the Pitchfork it was given ” and that she “will not be able to escape from the bubble of the united states,” and said that the production is “someone who will never have to work a traditional job, and that you have paid for the privilege to learn some of the life lessons that most people learn as a teenager or 20-something years ago.”

The Stereogum also described Miss American the production, which, if carefully re-affirm the image of a “good girl” of the Taylor Swift and, “it does not fail all the way.

Presented in a manner that is very personal, the documentary is interspersed with a lot of the scenes in the recording studio, on tour Reputationand the times that the Swift breaks down about how “you need the approval and support of the people.” The singer also regrets that in the contemplation of the idea that “when you reach the age of 30, the time she has in the spotlight is limited”, so you need to always re-invent”.

To promote the new documentary, the singer released “Only the Young“politics and awe-inspiring, with the band talking about the power of young people.

Watch the trailer Miss American below: