Fans of the Series asking for a boycott of the film, with the star of comic books; here’s why


Ransom movie of the Series, with Chris Hemsworth (star of Marvel comics, such as Thor’s), it starts to cause any controversy. Some internet users are even asking for the production to be boycotted.

These critics of the Bailout to believe that a film with an actor from the Marvel that is “problematic”. One of the reasons why it would be that long, it would be islamofóbico, that is, full of prejudice against muslims and against islam.

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The accusations were highlighted in the social networks for a profile on Twitter. The internet has made in a thread that has received a lot of attention.

In this series of posts, that the user seeks to explain the reasons for the Rescue to be a problem”.

First, the call is classified as a “movie of the saviour in white’, which would be the character played by Chris Hemsworth. The actor himself suffers from accusations of being a producer-account executive.

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Chris Hemsworth has also been compared by Brie Larson, a co-worker at Marvel (the actress is of the Captain Marvel). The comparison is that she’s only appeared in A Dream to India, but the actor, in order to produce the Ransom, “you have creative control over a film that promotes the themes of the offending”.

The same as the user charges are also the Rescue for the account of one of the posters for the film, and even by the change of the name of the feature from the Series.

The problem with the poster, according to the internet, it’s that it’s just “the savior of white,” it is shown “does not leave room for the actors of the indian”. The title, originally a Rescue, came to be called Bangladesh, taking the name of the capital city of Bangladesh, where it is set.

According to the spectator, to the Rescue, it brings the only actors of the indian and the iranian, to represent the local community. “The criticism of him, that “it reinforces the notion that is racist, that all muslims are the same”.

In that point, even acknowledges that “most of the actors are muslims, they are ” villains”. The user also says that Bangladesh has one of the largest and most devout muslim populations in the world, so for him to bring the people to the people, just as the villains is a way “to promote the themes in islamophobic”.

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The same user has also criticized it specifically for Chris Hemsworth, the Thor of the Marvel universe. The prosecution is a video of the actor from the Marvel comics would like to thank the caring place, while recording the Rescue.

However, in order to his / her profile, it was a way of “disturbing the civilians to be shot.” In the images shown, and they are all happy with the presence of the actor in the Marvel comics, they are using mobile phones to film the famous and take a picture.

In the same post, there is a statement from the star of Marvel comics on film, in Dhaka. Chris Hemsworth says he has the support where they recorded “it was a very good, very positive. As well as stating that he felt “very good”, you still loved the feeling of it seem to shoot in, as if it were a stage.

The charge is that the actor from the Marvel comics has been on a long 12-Heroes. Again, in the view of the user, it would be a film that has made the muslims the villains, and gave glory to the intervention of the United States in Afghanistan.

By the end of the page is separated in two photos of Chris Hemsworth he would be committing “cultural appropriation”. Check out the full series of tweets below.

The production of the Rescue, has not commented on the allegations from the site.

On the Rescue, Chris Hemsworth is living with the soldier of fortune’s Bonus. The player character is hired to rescue the son of a lord, an international crime.

The directors of the Avengers: Deadline, Joe and Anthony Russo are in the script, and the production of the film. David Harbour, Black Widow, and Stranger Things, which is also in the cast.

The rescue is currently available on Netflix.