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The wait is over! In the afternoon of this Thursday (14/05), the well-known writer Rick Riordan, author of the saga of Percy Jackson and the Olympianspublished a video on the side of his wife, Becky, bringing new to you aqueceria in our hearts of the demigods.

The great news is that after years of dealing with the demands of the fans are crying out for a good adaptation, not the series starring the character of Percy Jackson, and finally you will have a series following the story of all the books in the works. It is produced by the office of streaming Disney+ and the best part is that all of the stages of the establishment shall be supervised by the author of the books.

As expected, the fans surtaram on your social networks. In a short time after the release of the video, the name ‘Percy Jackson’ and became the issue that everyone is talking about on Twitter around the world.

The following is the testimony of this writer, a visionary, in a video posted on his Twitter account:

Hey there, fans of Percy Jackson. In the last decade, you’ve worked hard to advocate for an adaptation faithful to the screen in the world Percy Jackson. Some of you have suggested that it would be a good number for Disney world +. We couldn’t agree more!!!

The statement continues as follows:

We can’t say much more at this stage, but we are all very excited about the idea of a live action series of the highest quality, followed by the story of the original series of five books Percy Jacksonstarting with a The Thief of Lightning in the first season. You are sure that Becky and I will be involved personally in all the stages of the show. There will be a lot more stories in the future, but for now, we have a lot of work to do! The demi-gods, there will be a tour of amazing and exciting!

the adaptation of the Percy Jackson and
Percy Jackson gain adaptation of Disney+. Photo-Reproduction.

The movies are produced by FOX

In 2007, FOX had bought the rights to adapt the first book in the saga of the telinhas of the film. The film was a huge success for those of you who don’t know about the universe Percy Jackson, but it was not a large part of the fans who were familiar with his work. It turns out that the stories that are told in the film differ from a lot of the story line, written by Rick Riordan. And to those of you who have started reading the books because of the influence of the film, you have to agree that there is a huge distinction.

In 2013, FOX has released a second movie based on the story, and that’s Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. In an attempt to make amends with the fans of this great production, this time around, he sought for some elements of the books, and the loyalty to this film, as the color on the hair of the character is his friends. However, it was not enough to please the demi-gods to fans of the saga, which, for a time, you were waiting for a movie to be faithful to the book and saw a new story that is different from what has been told in the literary work.

However, in spite of other content like books and movies, you have to give them a few points for the selection of the squad. The performances by Logan Lerman as Percy, Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover, they were neat and clean. So good to the point that some fans want to see them again in this new adaptation. But, this time, to Him as the father of Percy (Poseidon), and the Law, playing the mother of the Book (Athena).

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