How to: Kylie Jenner, he felt to be insulted in the song of the dragon


Kylie Jenner and Drake they may have awakened various rumours of romance last yearBut that doesn’t mean that you Case it is the “the second option“the Drake.

This week, a track from the rapper it has shown to the child for the first time on the social networkswith The Future it was released on the live at the Instagram the Night Owl Soundto reveal a letter that is unnecessary, on the arm of the Kris Jenner.

It’s called “thethe second option“almost as a kind, loving, and even quotes Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and the other women.

Yes, I am a hater of the company. Kylie Jenner is a ‘second best’ option. I’ve got a 20-Kylies“sang Drake.

The next morning, the rapper said that the song was actually recorded three years prior, and that he had been dismissed. “The last thing I want to do is to agree with that, my friends, are you feeling abused, so I had to tell you this to start my day“said he.

None of the stars appeared on the letter, but it is a source of The E! News was told that it Has “it was not a surprise“.

She has no hard feelings. I knew that it was the former“explained the insider. “Her and Drake are still very good friends, and she just gave a laugh“. In addition to this, the mother of the Stormi Webster it would have “appreciated“the fact that Drake has acted quickly to remedy the situation.

Kylie Jenner, Stassie Karanikolaou

Stassie TikTok

Drake and Kylie still keep in touch with regularly, and all is well“.

For a very short period of time, the fans have surmised that the star was romantically linked to the singer, but another source has explained that they are just “good friends” having fun in there.

They have always been good friends, and have come out the most, even more so with the Case with a single, and Drake’s in Calabasas“he said to the reporter, at that time. “It’s a friendship of convenience, but strictly platonic“.

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