In a lot of pain and physical therapy: Kevin Hart, shows you how he recovered after the accident, 30/10/2019


The actor, Kevin Hart has shared today on Instagram, a video of about two minutes showing you a little bit more about his recovery after the serious accident he suffered in September.

The video starts out with pictures of the crash and the days on which the player has spent in the hospital. It appears that in a lot of pain by doing physical therapy, using a walker, and is slowly getting back to workout in the gym to recover from all the entries.

“Basically, you can see that it is no longer in control. When God speaks you have to listen to it. I swear, that’s the life, it is kind of funny. Some of the most crazy that can happen to you is that you need it the most. If this is the case, I feel that God has told me to be more quiet,” his words, according to Kevin.

“After my accident, I look at the things from another point of view, I see life differently. I am thankful for my family, my friends, for the people who just walked in and they were with me [nesta jornada]you , my fans. I am thankful for just being here.”

The actor was involved in a serious car accident on a highway in the city of Calabasas, California, usa, on the day of the 1st of September. A man and a woman were also in the vehicle was completely destroyed.

Hart was driving a Plymouth Barracuda car 1970, considered to be one of the greatest classics in amongst the muscle cars, the americans— at the time of the accident. According to oTMZ, the police confirmed that the vehicle belonged to a player.

The car came to a stop about 3 feet off the road, and it was much damaged by the water. The Hart and the man who was driving the vehicle suffered a serious back injury,” according to TMZ. The woman, a third occupant of the car, you do not need to be admitted to the hospital.