‘it is our future, it’s just a game to them


The speech of the minister of the environment, Ricardo Salles, had an impact on the world, and even in this instance, But Thunberg. During the meeting, the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro, held on the 22nd of April, Salles said that they would take the time to go with the “herd,” as the press were all focused on the coverage of the pandemic, the Covid 19.

The minister of the environment refers to the change in the rules would be subject to challenge by the Justice, another period of time. The video in question, where in the words of brazilian gaap, was issued on Friday by the decision of the minister of the SUPREME court, Celso de Mello.

This material is part of the inquiry, the investigation that involves the president, jair bolsonaro, in respect of an alleged interference in the Police force of the Federal government.

The speech can be found at Salles has caused great confusion, and several organisations have expressed their outrage on the conduct of the head of the ministry of the environment.

The attitude of Greta Thunberg has further aggravated the image of Brazil in the exterior, which is in the negative, in the face of the impact of the pandemic in the country.

But Thunberg says the ministerial meeting

Among those who voted on the matter, it is Gretta Thunberg. In this instance, of sweden, posted on twitter that “the future is just a game to them,” in reference to the ministers ‘ meeting with the president, jair bolsonaro.

“Just think of the things that have been said away from the cameras.

Our common future, it is just a game to them #salvemaAmazônia,” he said.

But it divided opinions, and being given a warm welcome by a large part of it, but it also harshly criticized by the supporters of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro.

The meeting is marked by the phrases in the controversial

At the meeting of the ministers, the president, had a negative impact all around the world. In the case of Salles, the prime minister intends to change the rules and laws, in order to put the projects into action.

“You need to have an effort on our to here, as long as we are in this moment of quiet in terms of press coverage, because it is all about the covid, and pass a herd of cattle, and moving the entire rule, and simplifying the rules”,

In the face of the negative image of the meeting, the Minister expressed himself on twitter, claiming that it “has always advocated to simplify the rules and within the law.”

Who is Greta Thunberg

But Thunberg, is an activist in the Swedish debate on the issues of climate, and strongly advocates for environmental issues. At 17 years old, But already it is one of the important voices within the advocacy, environmental, and, on several occasions has criticised the attitude of Brazil towards the Amazon region.

According to her advocate, as a child, But Thunberg, if you are interested about climate change and felt the need to do something about it.

The protest began in front of the Swedish parliament, and has, since then, with a shout, and critical of, her name is undeniably conquered the world.

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