Kristen Bell talks about romance and her husband with Bradley Cooper


You know that friendship is just as strong, but it was so strong that by worship? It is, thus, the relationship of the Data Analysis Expressions (Dax Shepard.her Kristen Belland Bradley Cooper.

The couple had been together in the Ellen Degeneres The Show on Sunday, the 24th, talking about a variety of topics that are trivial. Between them, the friendship between the two actors, and the husband of a Bell.

The announcer began to talk about the relationship of a Cooper with the Space. “His first passion was in the Pitt, and then it’s Bradley Cooper. Have you been to the Golden globes, and you saw him with Bradley…”recalled to an interviewer.

“And he said, ‘I saw you on Ellen!”, he said to Dax. “He said,” I was watching it, and it was very funny, but there was a moment where you say, ” I like Bradley’s…’ And my heart sank a little bit. But then you say, ” I love you Bradley,’ and I would have felt a lot better”she said , remembering the conversation she had with the actor. “The two of us moved it away.”he said.

“It’s a ‘bromance’ [mistura de bro – amigo – com romance] so cute!”he exclaimed to his wife.

“And you’re on the side just watching?” he asked Ellen to Kristen, as long as a photo of the two men to pretend that they are kissing each other appeared on the screen.

“[Fico] the very lonely one”he lamented himself, just for fun, the actress. “And I’m just there wondering why I’m not engaged”he added , that they all praised Bradley after that.

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