Kylie Jenner, bill, R$ 5.2 million for the post, and it is one of the most well-paid of-Instagram – Marie Claire Magazine


Kylie Jenner (Photo reproduction in Instagram)

Kylie Jenner (Photo reproduction in Instagram)

For many people Instagram is a time for fun, for others it is a tool that is hard work that demands attention and is a source of money is almost endless. For the entrepreneur, and influencer Kylie Jenner, for example, was elected in the year 2019 at the latest, as the influencer, which further came up with the posts on the social network, and a charge of$ 1.2 million dollars for a blog post, the equivalent of nearly$ 5 million.

According to the list on the site is Jo’s COMIC, one that manages social network accounts on behalf of companies and individuals, a list of the top 100 stars the best paid in the world, consists of five brazilians, who are emerging as the careiros” of Instagram. In 9th place is the Best, Jr., forward, Paris Saint-German, who has won the US$ 722 billion for the post, it’s almost$ 3 million.

Not too far away from this reality millionaire, is the former player of the soccer Ball toward the far post, which was on the 20th, and went on to earn a little bit more than us$ 1 million-per-post to your social networks. It also appeared on the list of Caio Castro, (Us$ 570 thousand), The Rabbit (Us$ 115 million) and Gracyanne Barbosa (Us$ 82 billion) on the 29th, 66th, and 77ª positions in the ranking.

In addition to the Effects gained in the “medals of silver and bronze, Ariana Grande and Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the second-and third-place, receiving the post of R$ 4.1 million (Us$ 996 million) to R$ 4 billion (Us$ 975 million), respectively.

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