Kylie Jenner gives tips on how to not be bored during the isolation of


You are looking for things to do while on the isolates due to the coronavirus? Kylie Jenner you are here to help you out.

The star’s 22-year-old from KUWTK used Instagram this Thursday, the 19th, in order to reveal how it is a distraction while staying in a home away from home during a pandemic.

A founding member of the Kylie’s Crafts he recalled how shedid not come out of the house“during the pregnancy. Stormi Webster because she wanted to keep everything a secret.

It was my choice to do so, so I don’t let me get boredit, ” she said. “I’ve watched movies, read books, and was a ‘day spa’, and it was taking long baths, doing face masks; take care of my skin, I was taking care of my hair“.

Jenner is also said to ride “many of the puzzles“claiming that this is too much “estimated“.

Now that it is isolated, and is in its 9th day, she is doing the same. In fact, she has said that it is doing more puzzles, and watching Westworld.

[Eu também] I’m spending more time with my daughter, cooking, reading“she went on. “Staying at home is fun“.

The video, recorded by-Effects came on immediately after the surgeon will Dr. Jerome Adams, ask for the influencers, including Jenner, to stay in the home and can help young people to understand the gravity of the situation.

The coronavirus is the real thingit, ” said Jenner in a video of Instagram Stories. “I listened to the surgeon in the morning… even Though I will be talking about this on a daily basis, and he really encouraged me to do it again“.

Then, she asked for his 166 million followers “stay at home“.

Practice of the isolation and social distancingto them, ” she repeated. “If you are living with your parents, you don’t want to make them sick. You may have the disease and not even know it is affecting other people. This is serious, and it’s the only way to desacelerarmos that is, if we stay at home because there is not yet a cure. No one is immune to it“.

She also said that she loves her fans and has stated that “thewe will be able to get around this“. In addition, she asked for the other influencers will also speak on the subject.

In fact, Kim Kardashian has recently revealed that she and the sisters are “by practicing social distancing, and staying away from the other“.

It’s hard, but you have to do it for the good of others“she went on. “PLEASE do not underestimate the seriousness of the problem, and to stay at home so as not to spread the virus. We’ll all get through this!“.