Lady Gaga said that Elton John is a “vehicle” for your life


Lady Gaga has spoken about her friendship with Elton John, and says that he’s her mentor, “there are a lot of the time.”

The singer, who will release her new album “Chromatica”, on Friday, he talked about how to do this on the new album had helped her to recover from the traumas of the past, and talked about how John has helped you along your journey of acceptance, adding that he supported it “to really care.

“He’s my mentor for a long time,” says Gaga in the interview with Zane Lowe, Apple, Etc. “I mean, he’s always challenged me to keep my head above the water, and it’s something that I always appreciate is that he knows when I’m sad. It’s just you know. It’s why I have to hide it, because I never want what I see when I’m like this.”

“Elton has always really challenged me to look after my gear and take care of myself. And I really, really, really, really honor it. It is a very, very special,” he says.

She said, “I can’t tell you how instrumental, in my life, he has to show me that you can go all the way of life and to be authentic, and be yourself, do good things in the world, to take care of yourself and be there.”

At another point in the interview, Gaga talked about her new philosophy of self-acceptance, and how it has helped you to forgive others for their destructive behavior in the past.

“Forgive me for all the ways you can send in a particular way. I was open to the fact that I used to cut them,” she said. “These are all ways of expressing shame. They are a way to express the feeling that it’s not good enough for you, but in reality they are not effective. They will only make you feel worse.”

She also said that her follow-up album “Chromatica”, helped her to recover from these past traumas: “I think it’s the beginning of the album that really symbolizes, for me, is what I would describe as the beginning of my journey to healing, and I hope that it will be an inspiration to those in need of healing, for happiness, for the dance.”

“Chromatica”, the new album from Lady Gaga, to be released on the coming Friday (the 29th), we will present a Necessary precondition of human civilization From Above”, the track with the participation of Elton John.