Leonardo DiCaprio asks for help to a natural reserve


Leonardo DiCaprio was part of a campaign to support the nature reserve the oldest in Africa, after suffering an attack by a mortal in the last month.

In the National Park, Virunga, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is a popular tourist attraction, and it is well-known for its population of mountain gorillas, which are threatened with extinction, according to the BBC.

In April, a rebel group, the Rwandan killed and 12 park rangers in an ambush. DiCaprio is now contributing to a fund that has the objective of supporting the park.

The Earth Alliance, a group co-founded by the actress, has donated a portion of the initial funding of$ 2 million (Us$ 11.4 million) to support the conservation of the species.

“I have had the great honor of getting to know and support a team of Virunga in the fight against fracking is illegal in crude oil in 2013,” said DiCaprio in a statement to BBC News.

The actor was an executive producer on the documentary Virunga, passed on the Series, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2014.

“Virunga is in need of funds, with a sense of urgency to protect the population of mountain gorillas is in danger of becoming extinct, to provide assistance to the park rangers and the families of guards who died in the line of his duty, and to help make critical efforts for the prevention of the disease,” he said.

“It’s important for us to come together in this time of crisis is just unbelievable,” added Leo.

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Donations in the form of an exchange of the role in the film

Last month, DiCaprio has announced a new initiative to raise funds for the charity. The actor will select individuals to serve in his new film, Killers-of-the-Flower-Side-by-side, and he and Robert De Niro.

The star has published on its social network, the co-ordinates: “to Those who donate a minimum of$ 10 ($57) for America’s Food Fund, which helps with food for those in need in the United States, you will have the chance to be involved in the film project”.

All of you are in the stage of pre-production, and no estimated date for release? But it’s the lady’s man, he said that others along with the values of the larger,$ 50 ($285) and$ 100 (US$ 570), they will have their chances doubled at the time of selection to be part of the team.

The character of the elect will speak, they will spend the entire day with all the stars and planets, and will be invited to the launch event of the film, before we get to the big screen.