Millie Bobby Brown has said he will make his debut on the music coming soon


Millie Bobby Brown should be a surprise to his millions of fans by announcing in a brief that he is working on his first album. According to the newspaper, The Sun on Sunday, the day of the 16-year-old has a contract-to-write-in-progress.

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A source confirmed that Brown is taking advantage of the quarantine by the coronavirus, and ” is writing songs for his set.

Some believe that Millie will have the support and the push from his friend Drake on this new journey.

Millie Bobby Brown wins the costume to avoid the anxiety

Most recently, the shooting of the Stranger Things in the Series, had to be suspended due to a pandemic, the coronavirus, and because of this, the actress decided to use that time to do something beneficial for the sake of his career.

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Beating the anxiety

Millie Bobby Brown introduced her new pet: a little dog that was just adopted. The actress in the Stranger’s Things, he said that the animal was his birthday present, and it will help you deal with your anxiety issues.

Millie turned 16 on the 20th of February, and it showed in the head during an appearance on the show to Miley Cyrus, the Bright-Minded Instagram-Live, on Monday (30), which showed that pet can help you deal with all of the hate from the trolls online.

“I really started to have a panic attack,” she said, for the Music and for the Incredible. “I’m working on it … I’m not as smooth as it was before.”, he says.

So when her parents asked what she wanted for her birthday the 16 year old, she had a baby.

“We have had three dogs of the breed mastiff English… but I just can’t pick them up and I can’t play with them,” said Brown, a leading Miley to reveal that she, too, has earned a puppy on her birthday sixteen-year-old, adding that the dog is still alive and lives with her grandmother.

“They are the best for anxiety,” said the singer.

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