Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things, it is responsible for the visual “grown up”


Millie Bobby Brown at the SAG Awards (Source: Getty Images)
Millie Bobby Brown at the SAG Awards (Source: Getty Images)

It seems that the Millie Bobby Brown Bobbythe Game of Stranger Thingswill continue to be heavily criticized on the internet for a long time. After all, fans of girl, 15 years old, are not really thought of how “adult” she is.

Her appearance on the red carpet at the The SAG Awardsan event in which one of their number in the Netflix he was nominated for the award for Best ensemble Cast in a Drama Series, tumultuou on the internet.

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In an interview on the spot, the actress has revealed that her look was everything I wanted it to. I wanted to get a visual male, but very feminine. But the Twitter made no mistake with the actress.

One fan, @lukabogdanIFLI might have summed up most succinctly by asking, “Why, Millie Bobby Brown, it really looks like you have more than a 30-year-old?”.

Some of the fans were upset with his appearance as an adult, as a @naledimashishithat said, “Millie Bobby Brown has 15 years old. All over the world, who is responsible for this look needs to be fired”.

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Another fan @JSoAbovehe declared: “it Looks like it could be a Natalie Portman or Celine Dion. I don’t see a girl of 15 years. It seems that she is an adult member of the cast taking a picture with the cast of the adolescent.

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