‘Mother’s love’. The soap opera in the world is going to have as the theme of pandemic, the Covid-19


The love of a Mother, but not in the The globe issued by the SICwill be in his second season in a row, the thematic focus on the pandemic, the Covid-19. The audio recordings of the novel have been broken on the 21st of march, has been suspended with the issuance of the channel, in brazil. In the Uk, where his debut had been a recent one, and the episodes are still up and running.

Manuela Diascreator and the actual writer of the story, pointing to the Extrathe The globethat was driven by the station to write the chapters without the scenes that include the use of any physical contact. The scenes of kissing, hugging, sex, gender, and other types of contact that are to be excluded from the narrative, there will also be a major focus in the scenarios on the inside, so that the focus of the work in the studio. The author makes it clear that “the characters may also be affected“ changes to the plot of the original, adapted to the new reality.

As for the cast, Vladimir Brichtawho plays Davidhe said in an interview on the program Cinejornal it’s your gameit will discuss what is going on“. This change fits with the character of the advocate’s character, as it’s one of the first changes. Also Lourdes (Regina Caséwill be one of the characters who are going to talk about the subject with their children, and the role of the maternal, which plays into the plot.

The same thing happened in the Uk, for example Nazareth and The Earth, Wildthat they want to resume recording in July. As with the instructions of the issuer held SIC and TVwhen I start recording, to avoid scenes that involve contact between players, as well as a reduction in the number of players and the team. The script will have to be adapted to the to limit the physical contact and groups of people in the area. Also, the the team is going to be reduced to a minimum and all of the equipment will be disinfected prior to use.

The globe
Photo: João Cotta/The Globe

The love of a Mothercurrently on display at the SIC, don’t have it yet is forecast to return to play on the channel in brazileven after all the security measures. The initial premise is that it was back in August, and the audio recordings back in July, so that the The globe you can take the novel in October or November.

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