Poll: Dua Lipa, or Selena Gomez, in which the new era is your favorite? Cast your Vote

In spite of everything that’s going on in the world, from 2019 at the latest, we can say that things are going very well in the music industry, right? Selena Gomez and Dua Lipafor example, they came up with at the end of last year, and is still presenting us with works of great quality by the year 2020. This Wednesday (the 26th), the ex-Disney has released the music video for “Dance Again“one of the tracks from the album “Rare,” and in the uk have released a music video for “theBreak My Heart“that will be the second full-length studio album, “theFuture Nostalgia“. Both productions emphasize the new age of the singers, and we want to know: which one is your favorite?

Dua Lipa is probably one of the most important artists to have attracted the attention of the public and the media of today. After the first album, the excellent, the album continues to astonish fans with this new era. In the quality over the decade, the internet only knows how to cheer for each and every song released by the artist. And you also can not help but praise the work of a visual, isn’t he? The looks of the clip, until the hair is half platinum, half black, which caused a bit of awkwardness in the beginning. If you’re not eating, the Dua Lipa has been recording, did not understand (laughs).

And you talking about Selena Gomez? It had been years since the fans of the a friend-of-Taylor-Swift-had hoped for something new, and it seems like it was well worth the wait, right? Even a footprint in the most intimate, the hard disk proves to be more of who Gomez really is, and all of the risk. Not to mention that she’s gorgeous, isn’t he? The hair is short and curly, the character has become even more beautiful by adopting this more natural look. But then, why was it your favorite?