‘Rain on Me’, by Lady Gaga featuring Ariana Grande, it’s the biggest international debut of Spotify in Brazil


The Lady Gaga’s new single, ‘Rain on Me’, was released last Friday, has become the biggest debut of the world music on Spotify in Brazil, confirmed this week, it’s a platform for streaming music used in this country.

In a little over 24 hours, it is the second single from the album “Chromatica” has reached 822 thousand plays, overcoming a “Look What You Made me Do”, by Taylor Swift, was released on the album “the Reputation”, was held the previous mark with 630 thousand of reproductions.

The music video for “Rain on Me” was also released on Friday, bringing in a lot of dancing, the rain, and the participation of the singer Ariana Grande, who built up even more anticipation from fans for the new album of Gaga’s.

With 16 tracks, and shares it also includes in-Blackpink-and Elton John’s, “Chromatica”, will be released on the next Friday after it has been delayed by six weeks due to a pandemic of a new coronavirus.